API reference#

This page provides an auto-generated summary of Xbatcher’s API.


BatchGenerator(ds, input_dims[, ...])

Create generator for iterating through Xarray DataArrays / Datasets in batches.

BatchSchema(ds, input_dims[, input_overlap, ...])

A representation of the indices and stacking/transposing parameters needed to generator batches from Xarray DataArrays and Datasets using xbatcher.BatchGenerator.

Xbatcher Xarray accessors#

Dataset.batch.generator(*args, **kwargs)

Return a BatchGenerator via the batch accessor

DataArray.batch.generator(*args, **kwargs)

Return a BatchGenerator via the batch accessor


loaders.torch.MapDataset(*args, **kwargs)

loaders.torch.IterableDataset(*args, **kwargs)

loaders.keras.CustomTFDataset(*args, **kwargs)